The HB1278 Report is due to the legislature on December 31, 2013. Upon completion, the report and the entire appendix can be accessed here. Meantime, many pieces of the appendix can be accessed now by clicking on the appropriate link below. In the near future, many of the Excel spreadsheets and other supporting files referenced in the Appendix will be made available to allow readers to review input data, analysis steps, and detailed results.

HB 1278 Final Report

HB 1278 Appendix to the Report

  1. HB 1278 Documents
    1. Colorado House Bill 12-1278
    2. HB 1278 Project Team
    3. Independent Scientific Panel
    4. Scope of Work
  2. South Platte Well Development Timeline
    1. Animated History of the South Platte River and its Alluvial Aquifer
  3. Groundwater Data
    1. High Groundwater Areas
    2. Observation Well Hydrographs
  4. Augmentation Plan Requirements and Supplies
  5. Example Augmentation Plans
  6. Streamflow Gages
  7. Major Ditch Diversions
  8. Major Reservoirs & Restricted Dams
  9. Transbasin Diversions
  10. Gain Loss Analysis
  11. Call Records
  12. Climate Data
  13. Preliminary Phreatophytes
  14. Preliminary USGS Analysis of Groundwater Levels and Proposed Monitoring Network
  15. Community Outreach and Education
  16. TSTool Code